12 September 2018

Hyundai’s Training Solutions

Hyundai Training Solutions



Hyundai Motor Spain and Learnlight worked together to design a pilot program for a small target group of employees. This allowed the joint Hyundai-Learnlight team to review the success and uptake of the Learnlight learning platform, the alignment of learning content to Hyundai’s needs and the individual feedback of the pilot group members. The successful results of the pilot program saw the rollout of blended virtual training programs to employees across Hyundai Motor Spain.

The new Hyundai blended language program was also designed so that those employees who wished to continue with face-to-face training would benefit from Learnlight’s innovative learning platform and flipped classroom methodology.

The communication launch and engagement strategy formed a key part of the successful deployment of this new program. Learnlight and Hyundai worked together to manage this shift in training approaches. The two teams worked closely on the communication plan that accompanied the launch of the new Learnlight service.

Digital Transformation of Language Learning
Digital Transformation of Language Learning

Key elements of the plan included:

  • Initial virtual training program presentation
  • Linguistic competency test for all learners
  • Webinar and Q&A series to showcase the main features of the program
  • Informative videos of the main benefits of the new service

Hyundai’s learning policy ensures all employees can develop their English language skills. Key to the success of this program was the customization of each program to the specific functional and linguistic needs of each employee and the role that they undertake in the organization.

Programs covered such diverse topics as presentation language to more role-specific programs for Finance and Marketing employees.

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