12 September 2018

Hyundai’s Training Results

Hyundai Training Results



The impact of the deployment of the new virtual blended training program to Hyundai Motor Spain was significant.

Objections to the move from face-to-face to virtual delivery were quickly overcome as employees saw the huge flexibility and benefits of this innovative new approach.

Equally, where the previous face-to-face programs had proven unsuccessful with demotivated learners, the new Learnlight programs saw a significant increase in learner engagement as the combination of the Learnlight platform and best-in-class virtual trainers saw record levels of motivation and learning progress.

The Learnlight platform used by Hyundai Motor Spain employees is, according to Sonia Jadraque, “very engaging”. “Those [employees] who are determined and really want to learn have at their disposal a tool with great resources that can adapt very well to their needs. Some employees have even increased their training hours considerably. We have also noticed great progress in oral communication and comprehension thanks to the virtual sessions.”

Digital Transformation of Language Learning
Digital Transformation of Language Learning

Thanks to her experience of managing this change process, Ms. Jadraque has learned that, when it comes to language training programs, the first step is to identify and align organizational and learner needs.

“There must be internal communication to clarify the advantages or expected outcomes of the training program. It is also necessary to implement it properly and follow up on performance and to set clear but flexible objectives. And, of course, to find the right provider. In our case, in the time we’ve been working with Learnlight, both their product quality standards and their services have been very good.”

Sonia Jadraque, Human Resources Director

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