12 September 2018

Helping Marks & Spencer Develop its Future Leaders

Author: Learnlight

In 2011, the Head of Learning, Recruitment and Organizational Development at Marks & Spencer commissioned Learnlight to develop an interactive global leadership workshop aligned to the company’s international strategic vision and aimed at the top 100 leaders across the organization.

These leaders had been identified as instrumental in motivating, influencing and implementing global change. As such, the program’s overarching objectives were to develop the intercultural competence of this key population, cultivate a global mindset and provide them with the strategies and international communication skills required to become effective global leaders.

Learnlight’s workshop was designed as an integral part of Marks & Spencer’s ongoing Leadership Development program, “Lead to Succeed”, and is just one of a suite of Learnlight intercultural solutions available to employees across the organization.

Marks & Spencer

Leading the Future: Developing Global Leaders

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