02 September 2019

Meet Regina from Performance: Helping Learnlight Trainers Deliver World-Class Training

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We are happy to share with you the first in our series of Learnlight Expert interviews. Face-to-face team leader Regina Broda has worked for Learnlight for more than ten years. She works tirelessly to support our Learnlight trainers and provide our learners with world-class training.

Learnlight Experts Interview Series: Meet Regina from the Performance Team

My name is Regina. I am a face-to-face team leader and I have been with Learnlight for ten years.

Working with the best trainers

At Learnlight we really care about the quality of the training that we provide and we know that this quality depends on the quality of our trainers. So we want to provide our Learners with the best trainers available in the sector.

Discover Learnlight
Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?
Discover Learnlight
Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?

Analyzing learners’ feedback

First of all we monitor the learners feedback on the platform and when the feedback is positive we are very happy but if we see that a learner is not fully satisfied we contact the trainer in charge of the session and we try to give him or her tips and advice so they can change the methodology and find better ways of teaching.

What it takes to be a trainer at Learnlight

We expect our trainers to be dynamic in the classroom, to be able to fully engage the learner, to be able to correct mistakes in a balanced way and to put emphasis on oral communication.

What inspires you?

Because I know that we are helpings thousands of learners in their career development whether it’s language development or soft skills development.

Tell us about you

I am a people person and actually I was a trainer for seven years so I know what the work looks like from a trainer’s perspective and I think I know how to guide the trainers that I am working with right now. I know what kind of advice they can benefit from, I know how to support them.

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