12 September 2018

Helping Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Inc. to Integrate US-Indian Teams

Author: Learnlight

With constant and growing interaction between Dr Reddy’s headquarters in India and its important US operation Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc. (USA), the organization’s Human Resources team identified the need to support its Indian expatriate population and develop effective working relationships between the US and Indian teams.

Two key training and support initiatives were identified as part of this needs assessment:

  1. The need to provide targeted intercultural training for employees on assignment from the parent company in India to ensure a smooth transition to living and working in the USA. With many Indian expatriates assuming senior managerial roles in the USA, it was important for Indian expatriates to understand how to engage with local US teams and demonstrate strong leadership from the outset.
  2. A personalized intercultural program was also required for US staff working with Hyderabad and/or Indian expatriates in the USA. The objective of which was to help them to develop strategies and techniques to collaborate more effectively with their Indian colleagues.

Dr Reddy's

Building Successful US-Indian Teams

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