08 February 2022

The Great Resignation – How to retain and attract today’s workforce

  • The Great Resignation

The social phenomenon that started in the US following the COVID-19 pandemic, The Great Resignation, saw more than 4.5 Million people leave their jobs in search of employment that better aligned with their aspirations and values. This has led many in Europe to relook at their own careers and re-evaluate how to develop their career, sometimes differently, and to place work in a more balanced pattern of life. Faced with these growing expectations, how ready is your organization to respond and adapt in order to retain and attract talent in the modern workplace?

In this infographic, we take a closer look at this phenomenon and the key drivers for employee satisfaction, as well as some actionable steps that you can take to improve job satisfaction.

For a detailed report on the growing expectations that employees have of their employers, download our ‘Future of Work‘ report, where were share insights from industry experts on the post-pandemic workplace and how to prepare your organization to adapt to these changing needs.

Future of Work

What employees are looking for in the modern workplace and how to adapt to it

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