12 September 2018

FrieslandCampina’s Training Results

FrieslandCampina Training Results



Learnlight won Best Family Support Program at the 2016 Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards (EMMAs) for the services provided to FrieslandCampina. In addition, FrieslandCampina was awarded Best Global Mobility Team (Medium Program). These two awards recognized the investment that both companies have made and Learnlight’s success in supporting FrieslandCampina assignees and their families.

“On behalf of FrieslandCampina, I must say that we are delighted to work with Learnlight and RW3. Their support to our programs and outstanding insights regarding cultural awareness provide us with the best possible support. The feedback received from our assignees, and their families prove this. For me, it is the greatest pleasure to have been nominated together with Learnlight and to partner with them and RW3 to bring true value to our Global Mobility program and our company.”

Marco van der Neut Global Mobility – Manager

Global Support for International Assignees
Global Support for International Assignees

Personalized Training and Support

All international assignees now receive a personalized report on their intercultural competency, one-to-one intercultural coaching and an individual cultural development action plan. All this is in addition to the country-specific skills developed during the training and resources, accessible through CultureWizard eLearning.

The Dutch Subsidy Agency, Sectorplan Levensmiddelenindustrie (a division of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment), has recognized the value of Learnlight’s intercultural training packages, judging that they enhance the professional skills of assignees and increase their employability prospects.

Assignees themselves have commented that the training has increased their professional effectiveness in their new destination countries and eased their adaptation.

Managers have noted that the adaptation process is notably smoother and quicker. The profile of intercultural skills within the whole organization has also significantly risen, with over 200 people attending a series of webinars on cultural skills.

A Partnership

Learnlight has also delivered training to the Global Mobility team. The training combined developing intercultural skills with building strategies to minimize the impact of culture shock amongst the assignee population. By offering this training, Learnlight shares best practice with the Global Mobility team, giving insight into how to manage the wide-ranging needs of a multicultural population and cost-effective strategies to maximize the return on investment from the assignment.

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