12 September 2018

EBRD’s Training Results

Author: Learnlight

On average, up to 150 delegates actively train with Learnlight every month across a range of levels, from little or no previous language ability to extensive experience where the need is to develop specialist linguistic skills. Training is delivered to delegates at all levels of the organization including executive committee members and senior management.

Learnlight is proud to have provided language training on a long-term basis to a number of EBRD employees. Our trainers have developed a very strong working relationship with these learners and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of their professional needs and requirements.

Learnlight services to the Bank often go beyond pure language training and its team of experienced trainers have supported EBRD learners with their special requests.

  • Long-term continuous training has permitted employees from the Office of the General Counsel to be able to prepare legal reports, draft contracts and deliver presentations in Russian
  • Training on Russian cultural nuances such as the use of humor and anecdotes has helped a number of Board Directors to build rapport with their clients

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Building Profitable International Relationships

  • Providing background information about the target country, its history, and current economic and political issues has prepared delegates for assignments in resident offices
  • Learnlight has delivered training to current directors of resident offices in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, some of whom started as complete beginners in the target language. By following a language course with Learnlight they have now achieved demonstrable results and are able to communicate with native speakers on complex business topics
  • Following a request from EBRD’s L&D team, Learnlight developed an English language proficiency test to form part of the Bank’s recruitment criteria. A high level of English competency is a key requisite of any candidate seeking to work for the Bank. The test comprises an online component with an offline element to assess candidates’ English writing skills. To-date, more than 400 candidates have completed the test

Learnlight values its long-term partnership with EBRD and continually strives to provide excellence in language training and customer service. Innovation and flexibility form a key part of Learnlight’s commitment to EBRD.

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