12 September 2018

Dr. Reddy’s Training Solutions

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight designed the following two-part training solution aimed at Dr Reddy’s employees.

Stage 1:

  • International Assignees from India to the US

This one day “Working Successfully in the USA” training program provides delegates with the necessary awareness, knowledge and skills to adapt quickly and smoothly to living and working in the US.

  • US Nationals Working with Indian Colleagues

This one day “Working Successfully with Indian Colleagues” program develops delegates’ understanding of Indian business and social culture and how it impacts on working practices and communication styles.

Stage 2:

  • US-Indian Teamworking

This one day workshop brings delegates from both nationalities together and encourages them to share their experiences, assumptions and expectations of each other. The key focus is on higher level business practices and skills development such as cross-cultural management and negotiation.

Dr Reddy's

Building Successful US-Indian Teams

In addition to these group training programs, Learnlight also provides one-to-one coaching to senior managers responsible for multicultural teams or HR professionals supporting Indian expatriates.

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