25 September 2018

Dr. Reddy’s Training Challenges

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight worked closely with the HR team to understand Dr Reddy’s organizational culture and structure as well as the cultural challenges facing local and Indian employees working across US sites.

We designed an integrated three-part program that allowed employees the space in mono-cultural groups to reflect on their own and the other culture, to benchmark existing knowledge and assumptions and to discuss any intercultural challenges and potential solutions. These country-focused sessions were followed by the opportunity for employees to come together with their colleagues from the other culture to share experiences and expectations and to work together to agree on a common set of communication methods.

It was essential that these training programs were engaging and fun and could be adapted to meet the requirements of all levels of employees, from production workers to senior managers. Training was highly interactive focusing on discussion, relevant case studies and role plays.

Dr Reddy's

Building Successful US-Indian Teams

To increase interest in both cultures, we also included an authentic lunch as part of the country focused programs where delegates were encouraged to sample typical food from the other culture and learn more about social etiquette.

Training Objectives

The core objectives of the training initiative were to:

  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of the impact of culture on perceptions and assumptions
  • Engender greater curiosity and awareness of colleagues’ cultural backgrounds and customs
  • Create a better understanding of the cultural drivers influencing the attitudes and behaviors in the workplace of colleagues from India or the USA
  • Develop practical strategies for US-Indian teams to collaborate more fruitfully together
  • Enable Indian managers to motivate and engage more effectively with their US teams

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