06 January 2021

Deutsche Telekom learning solutions



Learners at Deutsche Telekom were pleasantly surprised by Learnlight’s virtual instructor-led sessions and gave a lot of positive feedback about the ease of use of the training programs.

Learnlight provided eight different training programs for learners who wanted to improve their English or German language skills, as well as build on their intercultural skills.

“Learnlight does a nice job with this platform to have very seamless usability on different types of devices.”

Björn Hengst explains: “Learnlight does a nice job with this platform to have very seamless usability on different types of devices, like mobiles or desktops. The platform also guides the user very well, so you don’t have to fight with the platform – it just assists you. That is what we are aiming for with all our systems in the end and yeah, it works.”

All participants have access to the Learnlight platform 24/7, meaning they can log in whenever they want to check their progress, complete activities, or even browse through Learnlight Magazine, which is filled with exciting articles on a wide range of topics.

Advantages of Learnlight’s platform:

All of Learnlight’s blended programs incorporate a cutting-edge flipped classroom approach. This method equips learners with key knowledge before each session, to optimize the time to put this knowledge into practice with their trainer.

Activities that don’t require trainer input, can be completed online before the session, and then the newly acquired knowledge and skills are consolidated during the live session.

Learners can adjust how quickly they work through the activities, depending on their availability  and how urgently they need to develop specific language skills.

The on-demand learning content means, that it seamlessly becomes part of their day-to-day life, giving them access to a variety of resources, such as email templates, culture guides, and even an accents and dialect centre to help them prepare for meetings in specific regions.

The platform also offers bite-sized micro-learning activities that are easy to digest. This is a significant improvement from the dense information that traditional classroom-based courses usually present. All English users have access to the customized Deutsche Telekom magazine with industry-focused content. Each month four new articles are published.

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