06 January 2021

Deutsche Telekom learning results



Deutsche Telekom and Learnlight have collaborated to create an innovative and engaging language training solution centred around the learners, irrespective of their location.

Learnlight’s virtual training solutions allow learners to be self-sufficient, with the ability to tailor their learning preferences around their own time frames. This level of flexibility helps keep learners fully engaged to successfully complete their courses. Commitment starts with as little as a 30-minutes class per week, which the learners can reschedule when necessary.

“The feedback from the learners at Deutsche Telekom has been very positive.”

Malte Kreusel, comments: “The feedback from the learners at Deutsche Telekom has been very positive. Now they can learn whatever they want, whenever they want, from all over the world with the same product.”

Since January 2017, Deutsche Telekom employees from over 30 different countries have taken part in over 100,000 sessions, dedicating over 90,000 training hours. The overall user satisfaction rating for the training programs historically has been high, which is an excellent indication that the implementation, usability and content have been successful.

Learners at the centre

Learnlight’s People-Powered platform puts learners at the centre, allowing them to personalise their learning path to fit their needs. Daniela Schützeichel,a student at DTAG completed the 12-week Academy Course in English. She explains “My biggest problem was that I was unable to speak fluently in front of people, and the programforced you to speak. You would be in front of your PC and the trainer would say, ‘Okay Daniela, it’s your turn.’ I’m happy that today I can give presentations in English fluently, and I can do interviews without problems.”

It’s critical that learners stay highly engaged in the training programs, so the quality of content, usability and trainers has to be high. Learnlight produces trending and company-specific content that is fun and interesting.

Lisa-Marie Deckers, a learner using the Learnlight platform, shares: “I enjoyed the conversations with my colleagues and new people, and also with the trainer. During these weekly calls, we got to know each other a little bit on a personal base, and we learned a lot from each other. Not only for linguistic things, but also cultural topics since everybody was from a different country.”

Learnlight’s training content is easy to scale: the trainer assigns preparation work for the week via the Learnlight platform, including videos, listening activities, reading texts and comprehension exercises.  If learners want to do more, they can explore Learnlight’s enormous resource library, which is filtered to help them find the most relevant activities to improve in specific areas.

The intuitive navigation built into the Learnlight platform gives learners the freedom to take control of their learning. Each employee follows a personalized learning path that helps them track their progress as materials build on their achievements and support their weaker areas.

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