06 January 2021

Deutsche Telekom learning challenges



Learners were used to their face-to-face training sessions, which were location-specific. To switch to digital training we had to encourage a mindshift for our employees.

Stephan Kasulke, Chief Learning Officer at Deutsche Telekom, explains: “The biggest challenge about four years ago was, that our on-premise training was the most common learning method, and people were used to it.  We had to empower people with digital learning possibilities, to help them boost their learning journey and experience.

HR Project Manager Björn Hengst explains: “Our aim was to bring learning to the whole group worldwide, which was the first time we did something like that, and Learnlight really was our use case.”

The challenges were as follows:

  1. Change of scope from operating locally to more internationally
  2. Ensuring that data security and privacy were fully upheld
  3. Shift from face-to-face to virtual learning for learners used to seeing their trainers in person
  4. Adapting to digital virtualized formats – employees had to embrace working in online groups or independently with trainers online

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