13 November 2023

DEI at Learnlight: To Teach the World, We Need to Be the World First

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a People-Powered EdTech company, our mission is to build a brighter, more sustainable future together. We do this by deploying education and technology to build mutual understanding between those with different languages, cultures and beliefs.

To date, we have supported 1,500 clients and more than 700,000 learners in 180+ countries to develop their communication skills and achieve communication mastery. We have also recruited over 3,000 stellar trainers in some 100 countries and collaborated with more than 400 partners. What’s more, some employees have been with us for over 15 years.

We believe this is because we put our Learnlight Ecosystem, made up of our team, trainers, customers and partners, at the forefront of everything we do. In practicing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion every day, we are not only tapping into a diverse and talented network, and looking after it, but continuing our mission of changing the world for the better.

As part of our 16-Year Anniversary, we wanted to reflect on the importance of this approach and remind everyone of our guiding principles, milestones and successes so far.

Learnlight Business Principles

Our guiding principles for success as an organization are being people-powered, technology-enabled and science-backed. As the wording suggests, the heart of it all is our people.

We are convinced that technology alone is not enough. Forbes states it plainly; interpersonal skills like communication rank highest by employers in 2023. The World Economic Forum, with a future-focused outlook, considers analytical and creative thinking (alongside technical skills like AI and big data) as most valuable skills by 2027.

Indeed, it’s combined with people, that technology can make positive change.

That’s why we consider ourselves not just a team, but an ecosystem. We find deep joy in: (1) Delighting our clients, (2) Empowering our learners, and (3) Helping our teams excel. Looking after our people is our biggest way of ensuring we can achieve success.

Learnlight Team Guiding Principles

At Learnlight we represent 55 nationalities, working across 40 plus countries with some 400 employees. Our goal is to make our company the most inclusive place to work.

Language, cultural awareness and interpersonal training is not just what we offer our customers but what we live by internally. We minimize intercultural misunderstanding within our teams through regular training, and miscommunication by cultivating a global mindset.

Learnlight is also a Disability Confident Employer, aiming to provide employment opportunities for all. The mental and physical wellbeing of our employees is extremely important to us. Albeit virtually, we care about offering the support we can – be this by helping employees build a daily routine or encouraging them to take breaks.

“Whatever the gender, age, ethnicity, or other characteristic that defines us, we are committed, not only to approaching our differences with equality, but celebrating them.”

Rachel Manning, Head of Talent at Learnlight 

It’s nice to see our efforts paying off. This year our belonging survey shows 83% of our employees feel they belong at Learnlight, 90% feel respected and valued by their managers, and 96% feel their managers truly embrace diversity. We are also training our leadership team with diversity and inclusion practices to continue learning and growing together.

“Learnlight is doing an excellent job in creating a culture of belonging because they are putting the work in and looking at culture as a core part of their business strategy. What’s most wonderful about their team is that knowing this, they still want to get better so that as they grow, their great culture grows too.”

Melissa Sabella, CEO at THCW 

Learnlight Trainer Guiding Principles

As our ecosystem suggests, trainers are an indispensable extension of our Learnlight team. We aim to provide them with everything our founders wished they had had in their trainer days – not just for their wellbeing, but for unlocking the best learning experience.

“I have been coaching English with Learnlight for over 10 years. I really like the Learnlight methodology and resources it offers. If learners do the work, they can really learn. The digital content is good and the blended experience very powerful.”

Kathleen O’Neil, Language Trainer 

From the moment trainers join Learnlight, they are taken care of in a variety of ways. For language trainers, for example, here are a few of their benefits:

  1. Through an onboarding specialist: Trainers have an assigned mentor for the first six months of their journey with us, to be guided with all the support they need.
  2. Through professional development: Trainers benefit from professional development webinars, and workshops around specialized topics.
  3. Through networking opportunities: We organize coffee breaks for our network community every April, September and December for trainers to connect.
  4. Through technical support: As a technology-driven company we extend our IT support to our trainers, for any technical IT and set up issues.

We offer many other perks that you can find out about by contacting us here today.

Learnlights Customer Guiding Principles

Our science-backed frameworks help build a habit of learning, whilst developing communication skills for business impact. We support leaders by becoming their partners – helping them track what matters most to ensure business results.

“Learnlight has created a platform that really engages our staff. People love the quality and variety of content, and that so much of it is relevant to their working environment. This helps us to communicate with our customers across EMEA better – and it’s this increased level of service that’s helping us to maintain our market leading position”.

Sven Neumann, Head of Corporate Academy, Ricoh Europe 

We use two science-backed methods to guarantee this:

Our Learnlight Empowerment Method™A science-backed methodology designed to enable employees to take control of their learning (active learning). It’s based on five steps:

  • Exposure: Expose learners to compelling, engaging and authentic content
  • Discovery: Help learners identify their individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Internalization: Support learners in internalizing learning with activities
  • Production: Offer learners a low risk LearnScape to experiment learning
  • Mastery: Build unconscious competence of the skills at work

Our Learnlight Impact FrameworkA science-backed methodology designed to support leaders in guaranteeing business results after their learners’ training. It has three steps:

  • Engagement: Measure cognitive, behavioral and emotional involvement
  • Progress: Measure achievement and self-efficacy of the learning
  • Performance: Measure improvement in competence and business outcomes

Learnlight Recognitions

Our people-first, DEI-led efforts combined have led us to win the Global EcoVadis Gold Medal for two consecutive years (2022, 2023). This year we featured among the 3% of businesses rated by EcoVadis, with an ‘advanced’ rating for human rights and an ‘outstanding’ for ethics.

We also earned The Honeycomb Works Golden Cell of Excellence this year, for taking an active, data-driven approach to understanding our culture and demonstrating that our team is diligently working on inclusive habits, with our efforts translating into results.

It’s always a pleasure to strive to make people’s lives better and celebrate the greatness that our differences bring. We look forward to continuing developing our policies and practices to prioritize and unleash our hidden talent.

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