21 May 2024

CyberVadis Awards Learnlight with Gold Medal for Cybersecurity Performance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Learnlight proudly announces its achievement of the esteemed Gold rating from CyberVadis, solidifying its commitment to cybersecurity excellence as it presses on with innovating in the edtech space (read about Learnlight’s latest proprietary AI tool: Fluency Lab). 

CyberVadis is the first solution to cover every aspect of the third-party risk assessment process,  combining the scalability of automation with the certainty of analyst validation. 

With an overall score of 940/1000, Learnlight features at the very top end of CyberVadis’ measurement scale with a “Mature” rating, verifying that Information Security is truly integrated into Learnlight’s company culture and business practices. 

Source: How to read the CyberVadis scoring scale? | CyberVadis Help Center 

  • Insufficient: CyberVadis was either unable to verify the Information Security definition and implementation of the company or could only do so to a minimal degree. 
  • Basic: CyberVadis could verify the company has some understanding of their Information Security needs and is defining their security approach. 
  • Moderate: CyberVadis could verify that the company understands their Information Security needs and is improving their security approach. 
  • Developed: CyberVadis could verify that the company takes into account their Information Security needs and has developed their security approach. 
  • Mature (Learnlight): CyberVadis could verify that Information Security is part of the company culture and that they have a mature security approach.  

Rupert Hillier, COO at Learnlight:  

We are thrilled to have received this recognition. Our teams have worked extremely hard to maintain the highest security standards, while relentlessly innovating Learnlight’s features and platform. As we continue expanding our communication skills training offerings with the compelling AI-driven tools we have in the pipeline, our commitment to security will remain central to our strategy.”

CyberVadis’ Approach and Methodology 

Aligning with international compliance standards, CyberVadis, developed by Ecovadis (read about Learnlight’s Gold EcoVadis medal), conducts a meticulous evaluation of an organization’s Information Security Management System, analyzing adherence to GDPR, NIST, NY DFS and more.  The result is a standardized cybersecurity rating accompanied by a detailed plan of action, helping businesses proactively enhance their security posture.

Learnlight’s Commitment to Secure Innovation 

This achievement is just one of the company’s many recognitions in Information Security Management (see here for Learnlight’s ISO 27001 award), reinforcing Learnlight’s position as a trusted partner, as it continues to innovate with new technologies.  

Explore other Learnlight certifications and broader Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives by visiting our page: Learnlight’s Corporate Social Responsibility | Learnlight .

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