05 April 2023

Bridging the Communication Skills Gap in the Hybrid Workplace

The world of work has undergone fundamental changes over the last three years. New ecosystems of digital work have emerged, supported by a suite of platforms that enable teams to collaborate in real-time across the world, from the comfort of their own homes, or wherever they choose to work. Teamwork has officially moved from meeting rooms to Zoom calls.

That isn’t to say that the traditional office is a thing of the past. Many businesses find that face-to-face collaboration still delivers strong results, sparking the concept of hybrid work, conducted partially at home and partially in the office. According to recent statistics, 30% of the European employed workforce will work recmotely in the next five years – a popular decision amongst employees. According to a recent study by Deloitte, a majority of millennials (62%) and Gen Zers (63%) prefer to work remotely at least some of the time. In comparison, only a small percentage of them (20% and 19%, respectively) are interested in working in an office on a full-time basis. 

With a fundamental shift in working culture like this, comes a required shift in team operations and skillsets. Collaborating partially using remote working tools is vastly different from collaborating face-to-face full-time.  

However with this fundamental shift in working culture comes a series of challenges, including communicating via digital platforms, building relationships, and collaborating with teams across the globe. 

Learnlight’s team of experienced trainers and coaches are experts in developing hybrid work skills and have worked with companies of all sizes across industries to improve team communication and collaboration in virtual and hybrid work models. This extensive experience has allowed us to identify the common communication issues that arise in hybrid work models, and to develop practical solutions that can help teams overcome these challenges – resulting in our new ebook; “Bridging the Communication Skills Gap in the Hybrid Workplace.”

This ebook provides practical solutions for communicating across teams, helping teams to collaborate effectively in a hybrid work environment. Readers of the ebook will develop a clear understanding of the communication skills needed to thrive in today’s hybrid workforce.

Key Concepts You’ll Learn

As a thought leader and innovator in the field of language, intercultural, and communication skills training, Learnlight is committed to sharing key knowledge in order to bolster business results for hybrid teams. We aim to empower teams to communicate effectively in this new work environment, and to succeed in the era of hybrid working. 

The chapters of the eBook cover:  

  • Business benefits and challenges of hybrid working.
  • Redefining soft skills.
  • Top 3 communication skills for hybrid teams.
  • How to develop the skills needed for hybrid working.
  • Supporting your talent to get the best results.

As a leading provider of corporate training solutions, Learnlight is uniquely positioned to leverage our expertise and experience in creating this eBook. With over 15 years of experience in delivering effective language and culture training to learners worldwide, our deep understanding of the communication challenges that arise in cross-cultural and remote work environments has enabled us to provide unique solutions for L&D professionals, outlined in the eBook.  

Communications E-book

Bridging the communications skills gap in the hybrid workplace

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