12 September 2018

BAE Systems’ Training Solutions

BAE Systems Training Solutions



Learnlight designed a suite of cross-cultural, communication and language paths targeted at each population. Each training path provided teams and individuals with opportunities to build their knowledge and develop the appropriate skills for their specific international projects or assignments.

Learnlight also developed an online portal to enable employees across the globe to explore the learning solutions and resources available to them as part of this innovative contract.

The portal includes a tailored solution finder to help employees to identify the most appropriate training path for them based on their role and the countries they work with.

Learnlight also provided an innovative online cross-cultural training tool as a key part of its offering to BAE Systems.

BAE Systems employees have access to an extensive online cultural learning resource which provides targeted cultural information on more than 140 countries as well as a comprehensive range of profiling, learning and assessment tools.

BAE Systems
Developing Global Competence
BAE Systems
Developing Global Competence

By accessing key information about the target culture prior to attending the training, delegates are able to maximize the face-to-face training to focus on the key strategic issues and real-life scenarios that are relevant to their work.

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