12 September 2018

BAE Systems’ Training Challenges



BAE Systems came to Learnlight looking for a training solution that blended face-to-face training with online intercultural tools. They needed an innovative solution that would meet the requirements of their diverse employees:

Training Objectives

In collaboration with Learnlight, BAE Systems identified the following key objectives for this important learning and development initiative:

  • Develop learning strategies to develop the global competence of employees.
  • Design a suite of solutions for each of the unique populations including international assignees, business development teams, international managers, customer service employees and HR professionals.
  • Increase the cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity of all BAE Systems employees.
  • Improve cross-cultural knowledge of BAE Systems’ key home markets.
  • Enhance employees’ ability to manage and work in a multicultural team environment.
  • Create a blended and flexible training approach.
  • Deliver highly focused and dynamic trainer-led sessions.
  • Offer additional training and support to international assignees’ partners and families.
BAE Systems
Developing Global Competence
BAE Systems
Developing Global Competence


The main challenges were seen as:

  • Designing a user-friendly toolkit of training solutions to meet the requirements of BAE Systems’ diverse business units and populations.
  • Blending face-to-face training with online intercultural tools, ensuring a seamless link between online and trainer-led sessions.
  • Delivering an innovative online portal that provided BAE Systems employees worldwide with up-to-date information on training solutions, news and resources to enhance their international competence.

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