Learnlight’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a Brighter, More Sustainable Future


As a People-Powered EdTech, our mission is to build a brighter, more sustainable future, together. We deploy education and technology to build mutual understanding between those with different languages, cultures and beliefs.

Coupled with a longterm sustainable approach, we aim to safeguard our people, our communities, and our planet. 

View our 2023 Sustainability Report here.

Our Commitments

  • Our People (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion): Investing in and developing all members of the Learnlight ecosystem to create a deep culture of belonging.  


  • Our Communities (Society): Making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate, as well as in others beyond these, through charitable partnerships. 


  • Our Planet (Environmental Sustainability): Minimizing environmental impact within the Learnlight ecosystem and beyond, through large-scale initiatives. 

Our Progress

Our Champions

To make an impact in the world, we tap into the depth of our multi-dimensional ecosystem; our champions. Here’s who this includes: 

Loyal Partners: The changemakers using Learnlight to unleash their talent. 

Incredible Team: The creators of Learnlight – our mission, vision, and platform. 

Unbeatable Trainers: The enablers of Learnlight’s mission through knowledge. 



Our Ways of Working

We achieve success by creating a culture where everyone, no matter who or where, is set up for success: 

Learnlight Values

  • Enthusiasm: At Learnlight we are full of energy, and positivity. We infectiously inspire others. 
  • Initiative: At Learnlight we have a bias to action. We believe anything is possible if you put in the effort. 
  • Commitment: At Learnlight we are resilient team players. We honour our commitments.  
Learnlight: Building a Brighter, More Sustainable Future Together 

We Stand for Inclusivity

Having been spread across the globe for more than ten years, and involved in four acquisitions, we thrive through boundaryless working.