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We’re an EdTech company that’s passionate about putting trainers at the heart of the learning experience. Not because we’re sentimental, but because time and time again, we’ve seen that it’s trainers who deliver the life-changing impact learning should be all about.

In other words, when it comes to learning, we think people are the real ‘killer app’.

That said, we love technology. In fact, we’ve used some very smart technology to blend trainers and fantastic up-to-the-minute content in an online platform that gives our learners an unparalleled experience, whether they’re learning a language or developing a professional skill.

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Powering Training Organizations Worldwide

Learnlight offers one platform to rule them all; a single centralized system that enables training providers to a) give an award-winning learner experience, b) provide business clients with detailed analytics and reports, c) control and support distributed global trainer teams, and d) manage the complex back office operations associated with global language and skills training programs in a virtual, face-to-face, and digital environment.

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Diversity is our Strength

Learnlight is headquartered in Barcelona with a team of 450+ people, based in 52 countries, from 21 nationalities, speaking 13 languages. We believe that our virtual organization and diversity is key to our strength, our innovation, and above all, to creating a great place to work.

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